You may remember that March 5 is the president’s arbitrary deadline to end legal protection for Dreamers. He called on Congress to pass a law to resolve the Dreamers’ status. Through multiple showdowns and Congressional shutdowns, Dreamers’ status has remained in limbo.

In recent months two federal courts blocked the termination of the DACA program. This has allowed current DACA recipients to keep applying to renew their status. No new applications are being accepted.

The administration appealed directly to the Supreme Court, asking for the ending of DACA to proceed. In late February the Supreme Court declined to consider the case, sending the question back to the federal courts of appeals. DACA recipients will keep their rights to live and work in the U.S. for now, while the case is being appealed, or until Congress resolves their status.

Without a clean Dream Act, Dreamers still live under the threat of deportation. Here are three ways we can advocate for them:

  1. Join the Rally and March to Defend Immigrants, (originally on March 5, will be rescheduled). Show that we won’t stop defending immigrant communities.

  2. Keep pressure on our Congress members. Ask them to keep pushing for a clean Dream Act, without concessions on other immigration issues.

  3. Help DACA recipients keep their status. United We Dream is raising funds to help Dreamers pay their renewal fees. Donate at