Thanks to those who attended the General Assembly on Sunday. CA State Senator Nancy Skinner offered an end-of-session legislative report, which she described as “quite a productive session. We didn’t do everything but we did some really phenomenal things.” Skinner went on to say that “California has really been the center of resistance and I’ve been incredibly proud to be a part of the legislature who has been willing to do that.” She ticked off approved legislation that will make significant improvement in infrastructure, housing, climate protection, justice reform, supporting immigrants and equity.

Among the bills Skinner advocated contacting Gov. Brown to support were SB 149, which would require presidential candidates to file copies of their income tax returns with state elections officials for the five most recent taxable years. Failure to do so would mean their name wouldn’t appear on California’s presidential primary ballot. In addition, she suggested supporting her SB 687 legislation, which would make it a little more difficult for hospitals to close. The East Bay has been hit particularly hard by closures. Senator Skinner also urged support for SB 54.

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Here are some more details about legislation Senator Skinner mentioned. All of them are at the Governor’s desk right now waiting to be signed. To send a message to Governor Brown, go to his contact page, click “Have Comment,” and under “Please choose your subject,” scroll down to the bill that you want to write about.

California Values 2017 Legislation

SB 1 (Beall): Local streets, bikeways, buses, the BART system, highways and infrastructure will receive massive investments.

Housing: SB 3 (Beall): $4 billion housing bond for the June 2018 ballot.

SB 2 (Atkins): permanent funding for affordable housing.

SB 35 (Wiener), SB 166 and SB 167 (Skinner): remove barriers to housing construction and increase housing development across all affordability levels.

Climate Protection: Cap and Trade – AB 398 (Garcia) Tool CA uses to put a price on GHG emissions. Almost $1B in funding to begin ditching dirty diesel in CA Trucks, buses, port equipment and more that damage lungs and pollute our air will be retrofitted/replaced.

FAILED: SB 100 Climate change: (de León) Would have committed California to generating 100 percent of its electricity from clean sources, breaking free from global-warming fossil fuels.

Justice Reform:

SB 312 (Skinner): provides a pathway for youth convicted of serious crimes to have their record sealed, a right denied when Prop 21 passed in 2000.

Supporting Immigrants:

SB 54 (De León): Law enforcement resources stay focused on protecting, not harming, our communities.

AB 291 (Chiu): Prevents landlords from using immigration status against tenants.

Provided over $100 million in legal assistance for DACA recipients, immigrants facing deportation, and more.

Equity in CA:

SB 1209 (Gonzalez-Fletcher)/AB 168 (Eggman): tools to help women achieve pay equity.

SB 63 (Jackson): 12 weeks of unpaid maternity and paternity leave for employees of small businesses.

SB 169 (Jackson): Strengthened Title IX standards to offset federal weakening of sexual harassment and sexual violence regulations.

SB 179 (Atkins): third gender marker on driver’s licenses and birth certificates for transgender, intersex and others who do not identify as male or female.