Our General Assembly on September 10 was the first time we were back at the Finnish Hall for a GA since the end of June. The theme of the GA was “Summer Recap.” We started with a half hour of team meet-and-greet, where community members could meet IB Team members and learn what the teams are up to and how to get involved (hint: check out the teams page on our website).

After everyone arrived, we kicked off the General Assembly with a sing-along to the gospel choir rendition of Lean On Me sung on Jimmy Fallon’s show last week as part of a fundraiser for the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. We’ll definitely be singing again in future GAs!

The next section was much more serious: we discussed our community’s response to the intense hate in the form of white supremacy that has visited Charlottesville, VA and our own city. We spent time discussing our reactions and ideas in groups of 3 or 4, then shared some highlights with the rest of the assembly. The discussion is not over, and we encourage the community to continue engaging on these issues even as we pursue our stated mission of civic engagement and political action.

Next up: the Summer Step-Up results. Many of our issue teams had major actions over the summer, and some had outright victories. Check out our Successes page to see some of them for yourself. (Then go ahead and join a team!)

To build our momentum and prepare for the 2018 elections, we are looking for more volunteers for a few targeted efforts:

  • Canvassing in District 10 (Tracy, Modesto, Manteca, Turlock). See the Election Team page for dates in September, October and December.
  • Apps and website training so more of our members know how to find the information they need to stay involved. Contact our Comms/IT Team at communications+owner@indivisibleberkeley.org
  • Event management: when IB hosts events, a few people end up doing a lot of work. If you have experience with putting on events (hosting speakers, providing food, venue rentals, and/or setup/tear-down), please contact Steering at info@indivisibleberkeley.org

We had a neighbor-to-neighbor to begin discussion of how each IB community member can contribute to the effort.

Finally, we heard from our neighbors at Grant Street Indivisible about their Gratitude in Action project. The tight-knit group of artists, teachers and therapists has designed a set of postcards for expressing gratitude to public figures and other people in our lives. We had the opportunity to write postcards as the last part of the General Assembly.

Thanks to all who helped make this General Assembly a success! See you next time!