(This post to be updated as Sam finds time to add more to it!)

Pre–General Assembly

Our pre-GA this month was dedicated to the Women’s March. We had a sign-making party (music courtesy Jaime) with tons of clever slogans and boundless energy and excitement!


Ann-Marie led our community in a sing-along of “Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me round!” Including everyone’s favorite line, “Ain’t gonna let no Trump turn me round!”

How to talk to your friends about Indivisible Berkeley

  • Indivisible Berkeley is you, me and our Berkeley neighbors building an inclusive, progressive future

  • Indivisible Berkeley is Berkeley residents like us holding Trump and the GOP accountable and supporting Democratic candidates to help rebalance our politics

  • Indivisible Berkeley is over two thousand of our closest friends and neighbors in Berkeley making our voices heard at all levels of government to promote a better future

  • Indivisible Berkeley is a community that focuses on areas of agreement for action on progressive issues

Ways your friends can get involved in IB

  • Take action at home by calling our Senators or Congresswoman in response to a call to action

  • Attend a planning meeting with one of our teams

  • Show up at one of our events like a phone bank, postcard party, or canvassing trip

  • Show up with a team at another group’s event, like a rally, march, or lobby day

  • Whatever you do, bring the new person with you: “I have fun doing X—why don’t you come with me next time!”