This page is designed to be a resource page for those interested in pulling their money from bottom line–driven mega banks (we’re looking at you Wells Fargo, Chase, and Citibank!) to more socially responsible banks and credit unions.

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Links to Resources:

  • What do Megabanks invest in? From fossil fuels to semiautomatic weapons, these banks are countering your activism using your savings account.

  • How to break up with your bank in 10 Easy Steps (and FAQs) Step-by-step guides to setting up a new account with a socially responsible bank or credit union and leaving your big bad mega bank behind. Also includes helpful answers to a list of FAQs.

  • Partial List of Credit Unions and Socially Responsible Banks (Berkeley) Here are some of the credit unions and socially responsible banks in Berkeley (2 separate lists).

  • Credit Card Information Click here for a chart of the major credit cards, what banks are behind them, and where they invest their profits.

  • Resources for Moving Your Bank (Fossil Free California) Fossil Free California has been doing this work for a while, and they have their own list of great resources. Plus, at the bottom are some helpful links for making sure your investments reflect your values.

  • Sample Letter to Banks (final step!) You’ve broken up with Wells Fargo or Chase! Congrats. Now comes the important and satisfying step of letting them know why you left them. Here’s a sample to help you get started.

  • As You Sow’s Invest Your Values screening tools Aligning investments with values requires that you know what you own—but it’s almost impossible to know what individual companies you own if you’re invested through mutual funds. As You Sow has created amazing tools that allow you to see what your investment funds are invested in: fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco, deforestation, etc. And they’re adding more screens all the time!

And . . . for fun! Here’s a link to Ry Cooder’s “No Banker Left Behind”