The last General Assembly of 2017 focused on “One Year Till the Midterms!” It was a great evening, which included presentations by Lisa Edwards from Representative Barbara Lee’s office and Ashley Morris from ACLU NorCal.

The Indivisible Berkeley Elections Team pulled out all the stops, including a full dinner of pizza, salad and dessert (yum!). But more importantly, they prepared presentations from special guests and familiar faces about how we—as individuals in Berkeley—can contribute to winning back Congress in 2018.

Lisa Edwards, a staff member with Representative Barbara Lee, spoke about the importance of grassroots groups like ours in winning these electoral battles. A group of Northern California Congressional Democrats are putting together a grassroots conference through their PACs which will include a training component. If you have a suggestion, please email Lisa at and CC us at

Lisa also mentioned her office accepts questions about the DNC.

Ashley Morris, an organizer with the ACLU of Northern California, introduced the ACLU’s big campaign in California for 2018: same day registration. This program, now required in California, allows citizens to register to vote on the same day as an election, in the county elections office. Counties are allowed, but not required, to provide additional “Same Day Registration” (SDR) locations. The ACLU wants to make sure that SDR solves voter access problems faced by folks who might live too far from the DMV or county elections office to register in advance in the first place. So, they are campaigning to urge counties (including Alameda County) to set up SDR locations in many locations, particularly in neighborhoods or towns where the county does not already provide many voter access resources (such as DMVs and the county elections office). To get involved in this campaign, email Ashley at and visit and

Ashley also wants you to double-check that your 2016 election (shudder) ballot was actually counted. Over 45,000 ballots were invalidated in 2016 due to “signature mismatches,” and the affected voters are not notified! You can check to see if your ballot was rejected by going to and filling out the form. If you see “signature mismatch” on the status page, then please contact Ashley at ASAP and include “signature mismatch” in the subject line.

Our very own Margot and Paula presented a lightning-fast voter registration training to prep everyone in the audience for their next canvassing or voter reg trip. The next voter registrations in Oakland are this week, November 9 at 10am and 2pm at the Paramount Theater just outside 19th St. BART.

The IB canvassing captains, Billy and Jeff, introduced the Indivisible Berkeley canvassing plan. (Hint: it involves going to CA-10 and to Nevada! Tahoe anyone?)

Volunteer canvassers Jenny, Elnora, and Cheryl gave firsthand accounts of how easy and fun it is to go canvassing. There is always a script, and it’s not confrontational. We just want to find out how the voter thinks the country is going, and whether they think Trump is doing a good job. The rest of the conversation is mostly just listening. Our goal moving forward is to double our canvassing contingent from 40 to 80. Be a part of this movement to defeat Jeff Denham in CA-10 and come canvass with us on November 18 in Turlock! Email Billy at or Jeff at to sign up or for more information.

After such an amazing event, the Elections Team volunteers presented flowers to the three team leads, Jaime, Antonia, and Keavney, as thanks for their hard work and leadership over the last 10 months.

And lastly, Sam wants you to help him drum up opposition to the #TrumpTaxScam on Thursday afternoon at the 80/580 pedestrian/bicycle overpass. (Sheesh, they really need to name that bridge…) Please RSVP if you are attending, and if you want to help paint signs, contact Sam on Slack (#tax-scam-action) or at