Where hydro hypostasis?

Hydro Hypostasis Location Hypostasis is located in Suigetsu Pool, Watatsumi Island. It’s hidden under the island, so you’ll have to search for that crack to access it. Hydrohypostasis is located on Watatsumi Island. It’s not outside in the open and you have to enter through a certain ridge to get there.

So where exactly can you find the hypostasis in Genshin Impact? Well, all you have to do is drive to Watatsumi Island. In the northeast area (near the Suigetsu Pool domain), you should find an opening that leads to an underground chamber where the hypostasis is located. The hypostasis is located on Watatsumi Island, but it can be a bit difficult to find exactly where it is located. Once you’ve unlocked the Statue of Seven on the island, you can follow its volcano-like rim to where the boss mark is, but once you get there, it’s not immediately clear how to access it.

If you look at the side of the cliff facing the sea, you will find a small hole with a waterfall (pictured below) through which you enter the boss arena. Hydrohypostasis usually attacks with huge splashes that cause damage if you get too close. Whenever it turns into dolphins, there is a big ripple. The dolphins either dive directly towards you or close to them to block your movement.

Just run away while they’re in the air to prevent damage. The elements of Genshin Impact all have a boss to represent them, and Hypostasis is the feared hydro opponent. The hypostasis can also transform into a group of dolphins that jump and crash, or form a twister that deals hydro damage and causes bubbles to rise in the arena.


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