What is the easiest plant to grow in hydroponics?

Make sure the pH is between 6.0 and 7.5 and that the temperature is properly regulated. You can grow radishes right next to your lettuce as they have similarly cool temperatures and slightly acidic pH levels. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences from the University of North Carolina. This means that it does not have to be tied to stakes as with many other plants.

What’s the best plant to grow hydroponically

Their ideal temperature is warm and they grow best when they receive full light over a period of 12 to 14 hours. The seeds usually germinate in one to two weeks, and you can start harvesting as soon as the plants are around six inches tall. Different types of peppers require different amounts of space between them to grow appropriately. Lettuce is perfect for your salads and sandwiches and is probably one of the most common vegetables grown in the hydroponic system.

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