What can you use instead of clay pebbles for hydroponics?

There are a few extra supplies you’ll need to grow plants with clay pellets or transfer your soil grown plants to LECA clay. If you are completely satisfied with using expanded clay as a growing medium, but have not tried it yet, I suggest starting with simple plants that can be grown in expanded clay pellets. If two LECA products are completely identical except for the size of the pebbles, the package of smaller pebbles will have a higher packing density because there is less space between the small spheres.

Are clay pebbles good for hydroponics

First of all, you don’t have to fill the entire 5-gallon bucket with pebbles if you use hydroponics. As a result, the environment is much less polluted than other clay products broken down in the strip, such as cat litter. Do not reuse the pebbles without rinsing, soaking and sterilizing them with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide. Vegetables, leafy greens, flowers (even orchids) and microgreens thrive in clay pebbles as they allow good aeration.

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