Is nft the best hydroponic system?

The main components of an NFT system are the same as Ebb and Flow, the difference is in their configuration. NFT or nutrient film technology is a type of hydroponic system with circulation. The nutrient film technique takes its name from very low flow irrigation, which feeds the plants in the system. In addition, plant roots must be trimmed in NFT systems to prevent overgrowth that can clog the system.

Which is better NFT or DWC

For those looking to grow with lower start-up costs, open media-based systems offer the best success rates, even if it implies significantly lower efficiency from almost all angles. However, for small growers looking for a more reliable production of crops, it often doesn’t make sense to opt for NFT setups, even if that means lower fertilizer and water use efficiency. Deep Water Culture (DWC) is more user-friendly, especially if you’re growing hydroponics for the first time, as it provides more room for error.

What is an NFT hydroponic system?

As we have seen, the growth chambers for the hydroponics of the nutrient film technique must be in the form of long, thin channels positioned on a slight slope to produce the flat stream of nutrient solution that gives the system its name. In this method, a thin stream of water flows through a rectangular channel with a width of about 3 to 10 (wider channels are used for fodder plants). The hydroponics of nutrient film technology is therefore a closed system that recycles the nutrient solution and allows you to save water and nutrients.

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