Is general hydroponics still in business?

Strong root networks are associated with larger, stronger plants. Strong root networks are connected to larger, more powerful networks. Hardwater FloraMicro provides fast-growing plants with a combination of chelated micronutrients designed specifically for conditions in hard water. It can be used throughout the vegetative growth phase and early flowering stage to further promote root development.

Rapid Start is a plant nutrient that promotes root growth while improving plant vitality and yield.

How much quick start do I use?

Once my plants are in FFOF, I won’t use any nutrients for a while and I’m afraid that the rapid start could add warmth to an already hot mix.

What is a quick starter

Using Rapidstart stimulates fertile root branching and the development of fine root hairs that increase nutrient absorption and allow healthier, whiter roots to grow. And because starter plugs like Rapid Rooters are compact and don’t break apart easily, they can be used directly in certain hydroponic systems, unlike loose media. Since Rapid Rooters are a soilless starter plug, they can be used directly in most hydroponic systems. Rapid Rooters are not only excellent for hydroponics, but can also be used in aeroponics or traditional soil-based gardening or agriculture.

Another common scenario is that you open a package of rapid rooters to see that they are dry.

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