How much rapid start do i use?

Hardwater FloraMicro provides fast-growing plants with a combination of chelated micronutrients designed specifically for conditions in hard water. Start with the formula ratios given on the label for the particular plant or crop you are growing, then adjust and experiment until you find the right formula for your specific need. It is intended as a companion to General Hydroponics Pro feed charts for FloraPro, Flora Series, Cocotek and Maxi Series.

How much quick start do I use?

Once my plants are in FFOF, I won’t use any nutrients for a while and I’m afraid that the rapid start could add warmth to an already hot mix.

Can you use quick start in the ground?

RapidStart — is a proprietary blend of nutritious plant extracts and minerals that promote explosive root growth. RapidStart is compatible with soil, soilless media, coco and hydroponics and is suitable for fertilizer injection systems. We recommend pre-soaking rock wool cubes, plugs and flats with RapidStart nutrient solution before sowing or propagating from cuttings to accelerate root growth and success. Using RapidStart promotes the formation of fine root hairs and lateral root branching, which in turn increases the vitality and yield of the plants.

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