How do you use general hydroponics flora series?

FloraMicro, FloraGro and FloraBloom is a 3-part feed fertilizer and provides the basic nutrients that are the most minerals needed for plant growth. Also keep in mind that this table is designed for those who use soft water. If watering with hard water, it is recommended that you use the Flora Hardwater Micro to avoid problems during your growth cycle. The Flora range is made from pharmaceutical grade minerals and is the best balanced and pH-buffered fertilizer on the market.

How often do you feed General Hydroponics

If your water is above 200 ppm total or 70 ppm calcium, use Flora Hardwater Micro instead of FloraMicro. Follow the expert section of the General Hydroponics Flora Series feed table to grow professional cannabis plants. Therefore, when you first start the seeds, it is usually recommended to feed pure water for a while, until a few weeks into their life. Reading a feeding chart or feeding schedule can help you determine how often you need to give nutrients to your plants.

Hydroponics tips