Can i use regular plant food for hydroponics?

If the plant lacks nitrogen, its growth is delayed or stopped, and old leaves turn yellow and fall off. Before you start applying fertilizers, make sure it can be used in hydroponics – even for organic products. In case of shortage, the plant remains small and stiff, with leaves that take on a dark tint at the tips. The pH of your hydroponic setup must be balanced throughout the growing season so that the plants can get enough nutrients.

Which plant food is best for hydroponics?

AeroGarden also encourages the use of its hydroponic plant food for other plants, including those that grow in the soil. Important for many plant functions, including conversion of starch to sugar, growth regulation, and stem extension. Although many leftover food, weeds, and vegetation can be used, they end up with a lower nutritional content than liquids made from mineral-rich sources such as fish blood and bone meal. The nitrogen and calcium rich grow mix contains no heavy metals, sodium and chloride and is designed to stimulate plant growth from day one.

Can I use regular plant food for hydroponics?

Because there is no soil in hydroponic systems, a normal fertilizer can cause plants to be missing in some areas while overloading them in others. Useful products for your hydroponic cultivation are completely water soluble and contain either nitrogen exclusively as nitrate or no nitrogen at all. Regular fertilizers contain high amounts of potassium, which makes the plant stop blooming, allowing it to extract more nutrients from the soil before continuing its growth cycle.

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