Are clay pebbles good for hydroponics?

There are a few extra supplies you’ll need to grow plants with clay pellets or transfer your soil grown plants to LECA clay. If two LECA products are completely identical except for the size of the pebbles, the package of smaller pebbles will have a higher packing density because there is less space between the small spheres. Clay pebbles are an excellent growing medium for many indoor plants, especially in DIY hydroponic systems.

Can you only grow in clay pebbles

Hydroton is such a popular growing medium in the garden that it is not difficult to find it near you. In this way, the clay pebbles added in the soil can help regulate moisture and the soil can provide nutrients. The heat creates thousands of tiny bubbles in the clay during the process, which give the LECA its pseudo-circular shape. Clay pebbles can increase the moisture content from 40-50% relative humidity to a more comfortable 80% humidity, see here.

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