Date and time

Get ready.

March with Indivisible Berkeley at the Women’s March Oakland 2018!

Meetup information

To march with the Indivisible Berkeley contingent, plan for the following:

  • 13th St. & Lake Merritt Blvd. (meetup for all contingents)
  • Arrive at 9am to beat the crowds
  • We are the 15th of around 20 contingents. We’re just behind Fighting for Change and in front of Mills College.
  • Wear your Indivisible Berkeley t-shirt if you have one
  • RSVP below on this page!
  • 🎈🎈🎈Look for the red, white and blue balloons🎈🎈🎈

march map.png

♿ The march is accessible (official details on this page)


General march information

  • The actual march begins around 11. Again, we strongly recommend aiming for a 9am arrival. The Women’s March programming begins at 10am near Lake Merritt Ampitheater. An early arrival gives you a better shot at finding good spots.
  • Cell service may be spotty or nonexistent. Download or take a screenshot of the map you need to find your way.
  • Bring a sign! But not a metal, wooden or plastic pole. Just the poster board works fine.
  • Clear bags are OK, but please no backpacks, per the Women’s March organizers.
  • Check out the Women’s March Oakland website for info about the route, restrooms, disability accommodations, etc.
  • Never pass up an opportunity to use a restroom. Also consider throwing a snack like nuts or a granola bar in your pocket so you have easy access to snacks.
  • Transportation: BART to 12th St./Oakland or Lake Merritt. Be warned: BART may be overloaded. Leave early and expect some level of disarray. You could consider getting off at 19th St. and tacking on an extra walk. Same goes for the way home. You could also consider getting a meal in Oakland as you wait for the crowds to disperse.
  • Driving could work but there will be crazy traffic and street closures as you get close to downtown Oakland. So be prepared for at least a few blocks’ walk from wherever you find parking (or get dropped off from Uber/Lyft/Taxi)
  • If it gets really huge! (a good thing!), and we run into issues all finding each other before or during the parade, we encourage you to roll with it and just have a great day.