Date and time
  • April 11, 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Online

We worked hard in 2018 to elect Josh Harder to the House of Representatives, representing California’s Congressional District 10 (Tracy/Modesto). Josh is now running for re-election, and Republicans are out in force to take this seat back.

We’re helping to reach out to voters to find out what issues are important to them in this tough time, remind them about Josh’s work for them, and let them know where they can find resources.

IB is offering online **virtual activities only ** for awhile as we monitor the coronavirus situation. But our work is needed as much as ever, and it’s a lot more fun if we can stay involved and together during this difficult period.

If you’re new to phone banking or to Zoom, we’ll help! We’ll do an online group training together, and the trainers will be available to answer questions. You can also chat with others, comment to the group, or request help in a private conversation as you’re making your calls!

Please RSVP to participate so that we can make sure to email you instructions for joining the event.

And if you’re not an IB member, we encourage you to join when you sign up so we can keep you posted about upcoming events.

What You’ll Need: a charged ipad, tablet or computer and your cell phone (or landline).

Questions? Please email us at: