Date and time

SUNDAY! (Remember to SET YOUR CLOCKS FORWARD.)\ In the wake of Bay Area ICE raids, the feds suing California, and a shutdown of CIVIC’sweekly visits to detainees, join the community circle to protest at Richmond’s West County Detention Center (WCDF)! Those detained right in our midst are our loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, and classmates. The impact of these racist, cruel separations has enormous economic and social impact on our communities. And the same is true for the general population in jail, who are also unfairly criminalized and detained for lengthy periods before trial.\ \ • HEAR from Rodrigo Torres of Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC) about WCDF shutting them out this week\ • FIND OUT from Councilmember Ada Recinos how Richmond is responding to CIVIC being prevented from visiting detainees\ • SING with Thrive Street Choir\ • HEAR Kristine Boyd, of Initiate Justice (volunteer organizer) and Essie Justice Group (EJG sister)\ • MAKE MORE INTERSECTIONS with Cheryl Sudduth of Contra Costa Racial Justice Coalition and the ACLU\ • GET UPDATES from families of detained folks\ • SHOUT with members of Kehilla Community Synagogue and the Let Our People Go community circle\