Berkeley, a city which was recently targeted by hate groups, welcomes Christian Picciolini, an award-winning television producer, a public speaker, author, peace advocate, and a former violent extremist. After leaving the hate movement that he helped create during his youth in the 1980s and 90s, he began the painstaking process of making amends and rebuilding his life. Christian’s life since leaving the white-supremacist movement over two decades ago has been dedicated to helping others overcome hate. He now leads the Free Radicals Project, a global extremism prevention and disengagement platform, helping people exit hate movements and other violent ideologies. He has spoken all over the world, including on the TEDx stage, sharing his unique and extensive knowledge, teaching all who are willing to learn about building greater peace through empathy and compassion.

“Here … in 2018…, the administration and policies that are very similar to what we [white supremacy] espoused 30 years ago. The language may be a little bit more palatable…..but it is still the same underlying theme. It is a white supremacist culture that is being pushed.”

Join us as we work to create a community where hate does not exist and inclusion thrives.