Date and time

Why Michigan? Remember 2016? Due to partisan gerrymandering, Republicans hold a drastically unfair advantage and are over-represented in the Michigan state legislature. It’s critical for Democrats to win seats in 2018 to make blue inroads in this presidential battleground state.

Sister District has identified this race as important and winnable. We’re working with Sister District to support Mallory McMorrow for Michigan’s State Senate to help stop Michigan’s gerrymandering and voter rights’ restrictions – before we get to the 2020 census and presidential elections. Come and join us as we work to build her name recognition, and identify likely voters and local Michigan volunteers for her campaign!

What you’ll need: an ipad, tablet or laptop and your cell phone with earbuds. If possible, a power cord and a computer mouse might also be useful for you.

It’s fine to come for just part of the phone bank if that works for you. Please RSVP, and we’ll get back to you with more details!