Date and time

FIGHT VOTER SUPPRESSION – Help North Carolinians Vote in the March 3 Primary!

Join us as we work with our friends at East Bay Activist Alliance and Reclaim Our Vote, a coalition of civil rights and voting rights groups. We’ll be calling to help register people of color who live in North Carolina, a key battleground state, but who are discouraged from voting by state restrictions and barriers. Help empower citizens to participate in elections that affect their lives!

If you’re new to phone banking, we’ll help you get comfortable calling voters. We’ll be calling people who don’t often get political phone calls, and we’ll be leaving messages.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: a charged ipad, tablet or laptop and your cell phone with earbuds. If possible, a power cord and a computer mouse might also be useful for you. If you can, be green and bring your own water bottle! We’ll provide snacks.