Date and time

Re-elect Josh Harder! First step – the March 3 Primary!

We worked hard in 2018 to elect Josh Harder to the House of Representatives, representing California’s Congressional District 10 (Tracy/Modesto). Josh is now running for re-election, and the primary is March 3! Republicans are out in force to take this seat back.

Some of his opponents in this “jungle primary” are Republicans with long tenures as local officials, high name recognition and plenty of funding. The top 2 in this primary – regardless of party – become the nominees in the general election. If Josh doesn’t come in first or second, he’s out!

Help us call to get voters to the polls for Josh on March 3!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: a charged ipad, tablet or laptop and your cell phone with earbuds. If possible, a power cord and a computer mouse might also be useful for you. If you can, be green and bring your own water bottle! We’ll provide snacks.