Let’s pack the court to show support for detainee, Fernando Carillo.

Free Fernando Carrillo! Fernando’s case has gotten wide media coverage, thanks to the efforts of his wife and three daughters. He was detained while dropping off his youngest daughter at preschool. His family is struggling to make ends meet because he has been held for almost 4 months. His wife Lourdes has given interviews and has organized multiple events to tell the world why her husband should go free.

To learn more about Fernando’s case: https://www.facebook.com/events/1987793151543628/


  • Arrive promptly so we can go into the courthouse together, even though hearings are scheduled to start 30 minutes after the times shown.

  • Let the security guard know whose bond hearing you are attending.

  • If you have a valid photo ID (driver’s license, etc.), please bring it. If you do not, you may ask for an escort to the courtroom.

  • Do NOT bring signs (they will be confiscated) or wear movement shirts/attire—our role is to show the judge that the person being detained has the support of the community, simply by our presence in the back of the courtroom. We cannot participate in or be seen as disrupting the proceedings in any way. Thank you for your support!