Date and time


To continue as an educational forum, to inform ourselves and others about choices voters will make in the 2020 election. What will we need to know in order to make informed choices? What are the positions of the candidates? How do those positions compare with each other in terms of health care cost, access and quality? How much will each cost, and who will pay? How long will they take to roll out?


Potential Partners or Co-sponsors Health Access advocacy policy groups: KFF UCB Labor Center, School of Public Health Stanford or UCSF faculty California Health Care Foundation

Other progressive groups, especially in East Bay, including other Indivisibles, OFA, Swing Left chapters, Sister District, Democratic clubs People/Organizations who are already tracking candidates’ Health Care positions.

Potential Speakers

Suggestions from: Previous Forum speakers, UCB Public Health faculty, Health Care for All, California Physicians for a National Health Program

Let’s meet on August 7th to move these actions forward, and to begin planning our next Health Care Forum!