Date and time

Time to Get Out The Vote time in Arizona! Weekend calling on the central campaign zoom!

The Mission for Arizona campaign, for Biden for POTUS, Mark Kelly for Senate, and Dems down-ballot, is asking all weekend callers to join them in their central zoom phone bank hub. Centralizing phone banking during GOTV helps campaign staff react quickly to issues that come up, particularly around voter protection. So we’re hoping you’ll join us there! Campaign staff will offer a quick training and support throughout the event on the chat. There are 2 -hour shifts today starting at 10am.

You can sign up for one or more shifts, or If you’re on a roll, you can just stay for an extra shift without repeating the training (unless you want to)! Pick any shift! But If you’d like to (hopefully) see your IB friends there too…..

Join us Saturday, 10/17, 2-4pm: OpenVPB: Weekend Zoom Hub Sign-Ups

Questions? You’ll get great training materials from the campaign! But feel free to call us before event if you have questions: