The very good news: The Berkeley City Council voted unanimously on Apr. 14th to put a Charter Amendment on the Nov. ballot for greater police accountability. The Amendment incorporates key changes for which we have fought long and hard. It is a significant step forward toward current best practices for police oversight.

The not-as-good news: The finalized version of the Amendment–the result of a mandated “meet and confer” process between city officials and the Police Officers Association—has its shortcomings. However, we’re already working with our allies to find ways around those limitations, and we urge everyone to support the Amendment.

Action request: Now we’re launching the next phase of our campaign: getting the Charter Amendment passed in November. This will take a united effort of all supporters of fair and impartial policing. There are many ways you can contribute, and we greatly need more people to get involved now.

If you can participate in this effort, or to get more information on the RCJR Team, please email us at: