Action(by August 6)

Sign the petition to support 100% Clean Electricity in California at the Action Network website.


Senate Bill 100 - the California Clean Energy Bill - would make the state’s electricity mix 100% fossil free by 2045. California is already on a path to meet 50% of its electricity needs by renewable or no carbon sources by 2020 – ten years ahead of schedule. But as our changing climate brings floods, droughts, wildfires, and sea level rise, it has never been more urgent to take bold action and complete our transition.

SB 100 passed the State Senate last September and the State Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy in July this year. The State Assembly will vote on this bill in August after its summer recess ends on August 6.

SB 100 is promoted by the California 100% Clean Energy Coalition, a broad movement that includes the Natural Resources Defense Council, 350 East Bay, the Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists, Earth Justice, the American Lung Association, and many other organizations and communities.