Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern is a conservative Republican and wildly out of touch with his constituents.

  • While Berkeley and other Alameda County cities have taken steps to limit cooperation with ICE, Ahern welcomes ICE into the jails and is actively turning people over to ICE for detention and deportation.
  • As a member of the California State Sheriffs’ Association, Sheriff Ahern has consistently lobbied against criminal justice reforms that would move away from incarceration and towards community-based programs, despite these reforms receiving overwhelming support from Alameda County voters.
  • Sheriff Ahern proudly hosts Urban Shield, a program which gives police access to battlefield weapons and military-style training.
  • Sheriff Ahern has allied himself with the Trump Administration, publicly endorsing Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Ahern has been reelected three times and has run unopposed all three times - we need 2018 to be different! An effort is underway to get a more progressive candidate in the race. In the meantime, you can add your voice to the movement by signing the online petition. Please sign and share!