Tell Governor-elect Gavin Newsom in his voter survey that climate action should be a top priority.


Governor-elect Newsom is circulating a brief survey to get voter opinions on priorities for California. We encourage you to click on the survey and send it in – it will only take a minute. We also ask you to add a strong statement in the “other” box about addressing climate change specifically. Although there is a box for “leading the country on environmental protection”, climate change activists are urging people to go beyond this generalized statement to ask Gov. Newsom to develop concrete plans for phasing out fossil fuels and developing a clean energy economy.

Click here for the survey, select the “Other” option, and let Newsom know climate change and ending fossil fuels needs to be his priority. Here is some suggested text, but your own words and story are most powerful:

  • Climate change and climate justice need to be one of California’s top priorities. It is important for Californians to hear that directly from you.
  • We need you to develop and champion concrete plans for phasing out and stopping fossil fuel extraction and for a fair and equitable transition to a clean energy economy that protects workers and communities.
  • Californians are suffering from massively destructive wildfires. Whole communities have been lost. We can’t wait to take action.

Thank you for taking this quick action on this crucial issue!