For Senator Harris / Congresswoman Lee:

Caller: Hi! My name is [name] and I live in [part of state]. I’m calling to thank [MoC] for standing up for Dreamers and ask her to keep working to pass a clean Dream Act and provide protection for TPS recipients, now. 122 Dreamers have been losing their DACA protections every day since Trump announced the end of the program back in September, and starting on March 5 that number will rise to over 1,200 a day. By failing to act, Congress is letting Trump and his deportation force enact the administration’s white supremacist agenda.

Staffer: Thanks for calling; I’ll pass your thoughts along to [MoC].

Caller: Please do, and please take down my contact information so you can let me know what [MoC] decides to do.

For Senator Feinstein:

Caller: Hi! My name is [name] and I live in [part of state]. I’m calling to ask Senator Feinstein to work to pass a clean Dream Act and provide protection for TPS recipients, now. I was very disappointed that Senator Feinstein voted for the Rounds-King amendment, which would have cut back on legal immigration that keeps families together. We need Senator Feinstein to stand strong and protect all immigrants in our community.

Is the Senator prepared to take a stronger stance to protect immigrants?

Updated 2/17:

On February 15th, the Senate failed to pass any of the immigration bills it considered. These votes show the lack of support for President Trump’s extreme anti-immigrant agenda - but they also failed to provide any path forward for Dreamers.

Unfortunately, even the Democrats’ so-called compromise bill, the “Rounds-King Amendment,” crossed red lines that immigration rights advocates have established. It would have provide relief for Dreamers, but it would have also increased internal enforcement, meaning more deportations, and would have attacked family migration. For this reason, the national Indivisible organization and a majority of the immigration groups they’re allied with opposed it, including United We Dream. While Senator Harris voted against the Rounds-King amendment, Senator Feinstein voted for it.

We are quickly approaching the arbitrary March 5 deadline set by President Trump, when the number of DACA recipients losing their protections will skyrocket from 122 to 1,200 a day. In addition to the threat to Dreamers, the Trump administration has also told hundreds of thousands of TPS recipients from El Salvador and Haiti that their legal status will expire in 2019, forcing them to either leave the country or become undocumented.

We need to continue pressuring our Members of Congress to make sure we get a fix for DACA and TPS that is consistent with our values and that doesn’t require Dreamers to sacrifice their parents in the process.

This means:

  1. Continuing to demand a clean DREAM Act, using the call script on this page; and
  2. Being an immigrant ally locally: showing up at “Pack the Court” events, getting trained as a rapid responder, and ensuring local law enforcement isn’t collaborating with ICE and Trump’s deportation agenda.