You probably read about the $20,000 bill from a bike accident.

Here’s an action to ban surprise ER billing:

A.B. 1611 will by preventing surprise bills for out-of-network hospital ER visits so consumers are only billed for their co-pay or deductible, and capping the rate that can be charged.

How to help:

1) To write to Assembly member, go to: [Copy and paste that address into a new window if the link doesn’t work.]

2) Fill out the form with your name and address

3) Personalize the letter with your own story

Text of letter: Dear [elected official],

AB 1611 (Chiu), would end surprise emergency room bills that are not just unfair, but can send a family’s finances into a free-fall.

Personalize your message here:

I urge you to vote YES on AB 1611 (Chiu).

Sincerely, [Your information here]

If you have your own ER surprise story, share it HERE: