UPDATE: In mid-August, giving no notice to families or attorneys, ICE abruptly moved all remaining immigration detainees at WCDF to other facilities in Colorado and Washington State. The community bond fund is still active, and activists in our community are still working nonstop to help immigrants get out of these facilities and reunited with their families. Please donate to the bond fund here.

Previous Update:

In July, after years of pressure from local activists, Contra Costa County Sheriff Livingston announced that he is canceling his office’s contract with ICE. Currently, more than 150 immigrants are being held at the West County Detention Facility (WCDF), the county jail in Richmond. The relationship with ICE will end this fall.

Now that the contract is being canceled, it is more urgent than ever that the immigrants currently detained at WCDF are released, so that they can be reunited with their families and communities while they wait for their court dates. ICE will likely try to transfer detainees to other facilities, far away from their families and support networks.

Donate to the Bond Fund! Freedom for Immigrants and other local organizations are urgently in need of donations to post bond for these detainees. Bond for each detainee is in the thousands of dollars. The bond fund has already raised more than $100,000, but they will need more than $1 million to bond out all of the immigrants detained at WCDF. Donate here.