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Email Berkeley City Council Members before this Tuesday’s City Council Meeting to support a resolution to oppose $85 million a year of additional funding for the Alameda County Sheriff’s department to expand their staff. This is an unconscionable money grab in the midst of a pandemic. Tell our council to approve the resolution calling on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to reject Sheriff Ahern’s funding request. Send the message that we need to support healthcare not additional detention that puts our community at risk!

In the thick of the pandemic, Alameda County Sheriff Ahern proposes to bypass other budget needs to vast expand staffing at Santa Rita Jail - already the “most dangerous place in Alameda County” - for $85 million a year for the next three years. County supervisors will consider the proposal on April 21, and the Berkeley City Council has a chance at its meeting on Tuesday evening to weigh in against this money grab for handcuffs over healthcare.

The sheriff’s budget has ballooned to $452 million, even as the jail population declined over the last decade. The county needs now and will badly need funding in the next year to address the pandemic and profound economic crisis our communities face, on top of existing needs. The sheriff’s department has abused and exploited prisoners at Santa Rita Jail for years, and COVID19 cases in the jail are now 16 times what they are (per thousand) in the County. The answer is not an unaccountable, massive expansion of jail staff. Instead, the County should invest in public health and programs for those with serious mental health challenges or who are at risk of losing housing.

Community members have come together to draft a City Council resolution (see attached and below) that, because of the rapidly changing circumstances, will need to be “walked in” to the Council meeting on Tuesday. We’re confident that some Council Members will do so - and the message to county supervisors from the Berkeley City Council should be unanimous.

See the Sheriff’s funding request here: Funding Request text