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I urge NOAA to maintain all current protections for marine sanctuaries and national monuments and to maintain the boundaries as they exist today. I live near the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and oppose allowing energy or mineral exploration or any interference with this natural area. The exquisite and unique sanctuaries and monuments provide nursery and spawning habitat for commercial fish and threatened fish. They are rich in cultural, ecological and scientific significance. Forty-two million visitors generate $8B a year to support coastal and ocean dependent communities whose businesses depend on thriving sanctuaries (National Marine Sanctuary Foundation). Public participation in the designation or expansion of these areas was extensive and wholly adequate, and local communities currently enjoy the opportunity to provide advice and recommendations on their management. We should maintain and protect with pride these outstanding natural treasures.

Pursuant to Executive Order 13795, Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy, NOAA is reviewing the status of marine sanctuaries and marine national monuments designated or expanded since April 28, 2007. Criteria for review are: assessment of acreage, budget impacts, costs of management, whether adequate consultation was performed, and the opportunity for potential energy and mineral exploration and production within or near the sanctuaries or monuments. More information on these rich environments, including a list of sanctuaries and monuments at risk and their economic, recreational, ecological and climate protection value can be found here Monuments for All and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation