Ask your Senators and Representatives to support Senate bill 2491 and HR 4348 (PAW and FIN Act: Protect America’s Wildlife and Fish in Need of Conservation Act of 2019).

Contact Info

  • Senator Dianne Feinstein: (415) 393-0707, (310) 914-7300, (202) 224-3841, or email.
  • Senator Kamala Harris: (415) 355-9041, (213) 894-5000, (202) 224-3553, or email.

Find your Representative:

  • Rep. Mark DeSaulnier - 11th district: (510) 620-1000, (202) 225-2095, or email.
  • Rep. Nancy Pelosi - 12th district: (415) 556-4862, (202) 225-4965, or email.
  • Rep. Barbara Lee - 13th district: (510) 763-0370, (202) 225-2661, or email.
  • Rep. Jackie Speier - 14th district: (650) 342-0300, (202) 225-3531, or email.
  • Rep. Eric Swalwell - 15th district: 510-370-3322, 202-225-5065, or email.
  • Rep. Mike Thompson - 5th district (707) 645-1888, or email.


Stop the attempt to gut the Endangered Species Act by the Trump administration. Contact your Senators and Congress member to support these bills to reaffirm the Endangered Species Act by November 15. These bills protect habitats, conserve threatened and endangered species, and halt the use of economic assessments to undermine wild animals and their habitats. Hearings are currently underway in the House subcommittee Water, Oceans and Wildlife and soon will be heard in the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

“The changes [to the ESA] imposed by this administration would undermine the spirit and intent of the ESA and put more species at risk. At a time when scientists tell us we need to do more to address the anthropogenic causes of extinction, it’s inconceivable that the Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA, the very agencies charged with protecting wildlife, could be making such devastating decisions.” (Chairman Jared Huffman (D- Calif.) in the Humane Society blog, 9/24/2019)“

“The Endangered Species Act has been a pillar of environmental protection in this nation for 40 years, without which our most iconic species— including the bald eagle, the gray whale, and the grizzly bear— would likely be extinct,” said Senator Udall. (From website of Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz))

You can also participate with the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s petition.