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I am calling to urge you to support SB 100. This bill will set the goal of powering California with 100% clean electricity by 2045 while creating jobs and improving health and well being in communities statewide. SB 100 passed in the Senate with the leadership of Senator Kevin de León. and now we need the Assembly to act!

Thank you for your time and attention.

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Tell the California State Assembly to pass SB 100 - the California Clean Energy Act.

Call or write

  • Tim Grayson - district 14 - (925) 521-1511 or email
  • Tony Thurmond - district 15 - (510) 286-1400 or email
  • Catherine Baker - district 16 - (925) 328-1515 or email
  • Rob Bonta - district 18 - (510) 286-1670 or email


California is on the path to meet our renewable energy standard of 50% by 2020 – ten years ahead of schedule, with the target originally set for 2030. But as our changing climate brings floods, droughts, wildfires, and sea level rise, it has never been more urgent for California to take bold action and complete our transition away from fossil fuels.

Senate Bill 100 - the California Clean Energy Bill - would make the state’s energy mix 100% fossil free by 2045, with incremental benchmarks along the way. It passed the State Senate - but it has stalled in the State Assembly, where it is currently sitting in the Utilities & Energy Committee.

The California 100% Clean Energy Coalition is a broad movement of communities and organizations across the state working together to achieve our collective vision for 100%. They are calling on California’s lawmakers to pass a clean SB 100 bill that will set a path for 100% clean electricity by 2045.

Why 100%? Powering our grid with clean energy like solar and wind will clean up our air and improve the health and well-being of all Californians, especially for communities that are most directly impacted by fossil fuel pollution. A transition to 100% clean energy for the state will create a pathway for the public health and economic benefits of local renewable energy to reach communities that need it the most.

California’s clean energy policies have helped bolster the state’s economy – now the 6th largest in the world. Solar, wind, energy efficiency and other clean power sources now collectively employ over half a million Californians. Moving towards 100% clean energy will boost our economy and drive more innovation, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in the regions that need it most.