Somdeng Danny Thongsy, who is an Oakland resident and cherished community leader, is currently facing deportation to Laos, a country he has never set foot in. Danny is a refugee whose family fled Laos during the Vietnam War era. He was born in a Thai refugee camp, resettling in the US when he was 2 years old. Due to a conviction from when he was 17, and from which he has matured and transformed his life, he is now facing deportation to Laos. Danny’s family and community are all in the U.S., and he doesn’t know anyone in Laos. We need to keep him here with them, and where he can continue the work he has been doing around criminal justice reform, immigrant rights, and voter education.

Help urge Governor Brown to take action to stop Danny’s deportation and deportations of other Southeast Asian refugees who fled war by issuing a pardon. While Trump recently sanctioned Laos to try and force them to take deportees, Gov. Brown can actually stop Danny’s and other refugees’ deportations via his pardon power. This is the only thing that will halt the risk of deportation. Here’s how you can take action:

  • Call the Governor’s Office to urge him to pardon Somdeng Danny Thongsy and other Southeast Asian refugees to stop their deportations (including 2 Cambodian Americans who are facing imminent deportation)

Dial: 916-445-2841 Sample script “My name is ____, and I am calling to ask Governor Brown to pardon Somdeng Danny Thongsy and stop Southeast Asian deportations. Danny is a beloved community leader who is at risk of deportation to Laos, a country he never stepped foot in. Danny is currently requesting a pardon, which could prevent his imminent deportation to Laos and grant him a chance to remain here and continue fighting on behalf of all of our communities.

We also want to lift up Sear Un and Sina Khun who are on the deportation flight slated for Dec 17. Both will be deported for actions they committed decades ago, and could be permanently separated from their families and community. I believe refugees deserve equal rights and opportunities and these individuals need the Governor’s support. Will the Governor commit to pardoning Danny, Sear and Sina to keep them from being deported?”

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  • Tweet at the Governor asking him to pardon Somdeng Danny Thongsy and other Southeast Asian refugees using #Stand4Danny and #PardonRefugees
  • Sign the #Stand4Danny petition and share with others:
  • Check out the #Stand4Danny facebook page ( for more information