ACTION: Ask Congress to Stop bailing out fossil fuel companies. Pass the ReWIND Act

INTRODUCTION: Congress is negotiating on the next COVID-19 stimulus package, and Big Oil has made its wish list clear. Fossil fuel companies are lobbying hard to get a bailout. The Trump Administration and Republicans keep floating new ideas to transfer vast amounts of public dollars to the fossil fuel industry, while vulnerable communities and workers still lack essential protections. Trump has tried offering special loans to fossil fuel companies, waiving oil and gas royalty payments, and much more. The EPA has given fossil fuel companies the option of not monitoring their equipment, emissions and effluents. Recently, the Federal Reserve caved to pressure from Trump and the fossil fuel industry, relaxing its guidelines to allow more financially unstable fossil fuel companies to qualify for aid.

A new bill called the ReWIND Act, sponsored by nearly 40 members of Congress, aims to stop this. It would amend the CARES Act to prevent fossil fuel companies from qualifying for loans and loan guarantees related to the corona virus and stop many of the schemes Trump has taken or may attempt to benefit the fossil fuel industry. It also ensures that the public has a say in protecting our health and wellbeing.

Passing the ReWIND Act as part of the next stimulus package would block the fossil fuel industry’s attempts to exploit a public health crisis for private gain so more COVID-19 relief funds can go to the frontline workers and communities that need them. To make that happen — urge your members of Congress to include the ReWIND Act in the next Corona virus bill and encourage Senator Feinstein and Representatives DeSaulnier and Thompson to sign on as cosponsors.


Hi, I’m calling to thank Senator Harris (and Reps Lee, Speier or Swalwell) for cosponsoring the ReWIND Act and am requesting that it be included in the next Corona virus bill.

Or I’m calling to urge Senator Feinstein (and Representative DeSaulnier or Thompson) to cosponsor the ReWIND Act. Almost every day, Trump suggests a new idea to bail out fossil fuel billionaires with public money, while vulnerable communities and frontline workers still lack essential protections. The ReWIND Act would take key steps to stop the Trump administration and Wall St. banks from bailing out the fossil fuel industry. Please stand with working people, not big polluters, by pushing for inclusion of the ReWIND Act in the next COVID-19 stimulus package.


  • Senator Dianne Feinstein: (415) 393-0707, (310) 914-7300, (202) 224-3841, or email.

  • Senator Kamala Harris: (415) 355-9041, (213) 894-5000, (202) 224-3553, or email. (signed on)

  • Rep. Mike Thompson - 5th district: (707) 645-1888, (202) 225-3311, or email.

  • Rep. Mark DeSaulnier - 11th district: (510) 620-1000, (202) 225-2095, or email.

  • Rep. Nancy Pelosi - 12th district: (415) 556-4862, (202) 225-4965, or email.

  • Rep. Barbara Lee - 13th district: (510) 763-0370, (202) 225-2661, or email. (signed on)

  • Rep. Jackie Speier - 14th district: (650) 342-0300, (202) 225-3531, or email. (signed on)

  • Rep. Eric Swalwell - 15th district: 510-370-3322, 202-225-5065, or email. (signed on)

BACKGROUND: The Resources for Workforce Investments, Not Drilling (ReWIND) Act is a new bill to stop a public bailout of fossil fuel companies in a time when it’s critical to prioritize frontline workers and those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ReWIND Act does these things:

  • Stops the fossil fuel industry from receiving stimulus money through the Fed or Treasury

  • Prevents oil companies storing oil in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

  • Stops the Trump Administration from lowering royalty rates for fossil fuel extraction

  • Stops Wall Street banks from bailing out distressed oil and gas companies by taking an equity stake

  • Stops new fossil fuel leasing and any modifications of regulations relating to fossil fuels by the Department of Interior during the pandemic

  • Stops fossil fuel bailouts under the Defense Production Act

  • Extends all public comment periods open on 3/13/20 till 30 days after the end of the pandemic to ensure the public has a say

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