Indivisible Berkeley brings the Trump Resistance to 1000 of our closest neighbors in Berkeley and surrounding communities.

Our mission is to resist the Trump agenda by engaging our elected officials at all levels of government and promote progressive and democratic values. Read our entire mission statement here.

Participation in Indivisible Berkeley activities constitutes agreement with our terms of participation.

Indivisible Berkeley is a registered not-for-profit corporation in the State of California under section 501(c)(4). Contributions to Indivisible Berkeley are not tax-deductible, but we appreciate them anyway!

The Indivisible Berkeley Steering Team is composed of organizers, tech specialists, and political gurus and helps guide Indivisible Berkeley on a path of productive and impactful action. Like everyone in our organization, Steering Team members are all volunteers. The current Steering Team members are:

  • Brandon Curtis
  • Keavney Klein
  • Sam Kohn
  • Jaime Mulligan
  • Daron Sharps
  • William Wright

To contact the Steering Team, please email

Indivisible Berkeley endorsement policy

Our power lies in our numbers, not in our name

Indivisible Berkeley fulfills its mission through action by collections of individuals, primarily organized by and through teams. As an organization, Indivisible Berkeley does not explicitly—whether verbally or in writing— endorse candidates, specific policies (e.g. legislation, regulations, initiatives), groups/coalitions, or events hosted by other groups. Individual participants and teams also do not use Indivisible Berkeley’s name—whether visually or verbally—to suggest that they represent the views of a team or of Indivisible Berkeley as a whole.

Here are some examples for clarification. For the full policy, please read this document: [word] [PDF]. If you have questions, please contact your team lead or the Steering Team (at the email address listed on this page).


  • Show up for actions that you support
  • Clarify in public events (e.g. town halls) that you are presenting your individual views
  • Work with your team to develop and publicize actions
  • Form person-to-person relationships to increase attendance at actions
  • Talk about your personal views of a candidate, bill, etc.
  • Ask the Steering Team if you’re not sure if your plan follows this policy


  • Say or imply (e.g. with a t-shirt or sign) that you represent IB when you are speaking in public in a political context (e.g. at a town hall, demonstration not sponsored by IB, or policy hearing)
  • Say or imply that you represent IB at a meeting with policymakers or staff
  • Sign on as an IB team or as IB to specific policies (e.g. petitions, open letters), events not sponsored by IB, or partnerships with other groups